The Founders

Gary Wilkos:

My husband, a former all-american quarterback suffered a spinal cord injury during an NCAA college football game in 1990. He required a C-1 Spinal Cord Fusion and TMJ (jaw) reconstruction surgery. He had been prescribed a whole host of medicines that would only provide temporarily relieve of his pain and led him to become reliant upon them. There was little hope for a future healthy lifestyle.

We constantly searched for something that would allow him to enjoy optimal health and relief from the chronic pain, anxiety and arthritis. We came upon a naturally derived remedy in Organic Hemp and phytocannabinoids without THC derived from the hemp plant. We collaborated with our Doctor friend and found a way to infuse the CBD/Hemp into water. After several days and weeks turning into months, my husband, who was taking the Hemp product, saw dramatic results eliminating the chronic pain from which he had been suffering. The benefits were seen with his arthritis, anxiety, skin issues, and overall health.

As a former Spa and Salon Director in the field of health and wellness for over 20 years and inspired by years of nurturing and supporting my husband in his struggles, we believe that creating a product to help people with their personal well being is our life’s passion. Our Hemp H2O supplement is the result. We are proud and excited to share this with you. Our goal with Hemp H2O is to allow for the whole body to receive the favorable benefits of this ancient and amazing plant and our unique delivery system.

Michelle Wilkos:

As the Director of Operations for over 20 years in a casino resort spa/salon environment with MGM Resorts international (1992-2015),  the majority of property management experience highlighted by the flagship properties Aria at Citycenter and Bellagio. She has specialized in a wide range of spa and salon services to include concept development and space planning with an emphasis on amenities, treatment room & station design (ose/ffe); operational process for hiring, staffing compendiums and financials budgets. Michelle took part in the initial research and development team as the operating consultant, traveling, studying and experiencing national and global spa trends throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico and the United States and was significant in creating an expansive luxury 81,500 state of the art spa and salon facility and fitness center.   With her experience in creating menu offerings and product selection she was able to apply this natural process within development of the HYDR8 products.She is the co-founder of HYDR8 along with her husband Gary.  Michelle is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (97) and is the Director of Business Development along with being an original Board Member of the Las Vegas Spa Association.

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